Mar 29, 2015

Cary Teen Inspires Local Math Competition

The News & Observer by Jessica Banov

In 2014, Sachin Raghavendran, a freshman at Raleigh’s William G. Enloe High School, traveled to India and visited the Akshara Foundation where he met children who struggled with poverty and literacy. His tour of a government middle school made Sachin realize how much he takes education for granted here in the US.

“All that we take for granted is a blessing in the eyes of India’s poor children,” said Sachin. “Anything we can do to bring happiness is vital to their success.”

The 15-year-old did just that. Upon his return, Sachin convinced some friends to help him put together a math competition as a fundraiser. They organized the entire thing from creating the math questions to soliciting $500 in sponsor prizes. Fifty students from Wake County participated in the event, which raised $1,200 for Pratham’s programs. Sachin plans to raise even more money through the competition next time.

“This is all youth driven,” he said. “That’s the best part. This is a way others can satisfy their wanting to help other kids around the world. You have to start somewhere.”

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