Sep 12, 2015

2015 SF Bay Area Dinner Focuses on Technology


On September 12, 2015, more than 300 guests attended our San Francisco Bay Area Donor Appreciation Dinner to celebrate 20 years of Pratham’s work educating children and youth across India. Apropos to the event’s setting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, technology was the theme of the night.

The keynote speaker was Neeru Khosla, co-founder of the non-profit CK-12, which provides schools around the world with traditional and interactive educational materials free of cost. Neeru’s presentation addressed the importance of providing a high quality education for students—anywhere, anytime, anyhow—and of using digital technology solutions to help those who are seriously lagging behind in school.

“With traditional education, you cannot take a student and make up for years of being left behind,” she said.

President of the SF Bay Area chapter AGK Karunakaran talked about how Pratham is incorporating digital technology into our programs. Through a new initiative, we are engaging parents and using digital tablets to educate small groups of children at their own pace. The pilot program, which started with 25 villages and 100 kids, is expected to scale up to 400 villages and reach 30,000 children.

The evening included Indian fusion jazz by saxophonist George Brooks and his band. Read more about the evening in India West.

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