Mar 04, 2015

“Bombay in the Bay” Musical Event


Saratoga High School’s Indian Cultural Awareness Club (ICAC) members performed their tenth annual “Bombay in the Bay” show on February 13 and 14, 2015. This year, the club donated all proceeds from the show to Pratham in support of our literacy programs in India.

“This charity has proven results that persuaded us to donate to it,” said ICAC co-president Samir Ingle. “For example, scores have increased by almost 50% in a lot of standardized tests.”

More than 150 students from every class participated in the Bollywood-oriented song and dance event, which raised $15,000.

“As a Saratoga parent and volunteer, I am so proud of our community and especially our students,” Pratham supporter Ranjana Sivaram announced to the audience. “By being here tonight, you are giving so many opportunities to children who cannot even conceive of a performance like this… If you want to share the gift of education, please come talk to us. We would love to empower you as a Pratham volunteer.”

View two clips from “Bombay in the Bay:” the all-boys dance and the all-girls dance.

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