Pratham is rapidly responding to the evolving challenge of COVID-19 to remain connected and deliver quality education. Learn More.

Staying Connected with Children

Our approach during India’s lockdown is to leverage our technology tools and digital content to keep children engaged, with support from parents and caregivers. By shifting from in-person interactions to remote learning, we are maintaining a connection with children in communities where we have a direct presence. In addition, thanks to more than 65,000 volunteers, our outreach has expanded during this period, allowing us to serve 11,000 communities across India.

Using WhatsApp and text messages, we have begun sharing a series of daily activities for children of all ages called ​Karona: Thodi Masti, Thodi Padhai​ (​Do it: a little fun, a little study​). These messages feature video and audio content that facilitates hands-on activities in art, music, theater, math, language and science in numerous regional languages—like this peacock-drawing project:

Regular phone calls from Pratham team members boost spirits, spur conversation around the activities and provide an opportunity for family members to ask questions about the health-related materials they have received. Children then proudly display their finished projects.