Jun 20, 2019

Catching up with Pratham@UH


The University of Houston’s Pratham Student Group recently celebrated its 14th anniversary. Since it was founded as the first university chapter of Pratham, hundreds of students have participated in events and activities sponsored by Pratham@UH to raise funds and awareness for our mission.

Many are undoubtedly drawn to the numerous social events and networking opportunities, which include Holi celebrations, karaoke nights, samosa bakes sales and the annual Pratham gala. For others, the organization serves as a way to make a difference in the lives of those less privileged. “Not everybody is as fortunate as us,” explains former member Charu Hans. “It is our responsibility to share the gift of knowledge with others. Pratham@UH has provided me an excellent platform to do exactly that.”

For current mentor Arshad Adam, it is the opportunity to engage with the children themselves that remains the most memorable. In 2010, Pratham@UH sponsored a school in Hundimala, Mysore, supporting 57 elementary school students through their efforts. “We actually got a chance to talk and interact over Skype,” he recounts. “We were so enthralled to see their happy faces and to hear their stories and experiences that planned 30-minute call lasted almost two hours.”

Some even remain affiliated with the group after graduation. “My association with Pratham@UH began in 2010 when I joined the university as a student,” recalls Kinjal Dhar Gupta. “I was actively involved with the organization until my graduation in 2016 and since then have been acting as a general advisor. I strongly believe that basic education is necessary for all to lead a good life in the future. And Pratham@UH was the perfect student organization to join, as they had the same views.”

The group is looking forward to another year full of volunteering activities and events on campus. Learn more about Pratham@UH at uh.edu/pratham or by visiting them on Facebook.