Apr 01, 2021

DC Board Kicks off “Breakfast with Pratham” series


On a recent Sunday, 32 board members and their guests were served breakfast as they gathered around their computers and smartphones, and got an update on Pratham. The DC chapter contracted with a local startup to have breakfast boxes filled with delicious aloo paratha and dhokla, sent to seven board members who hand delivered them to their guests. This was an innovative way to create an intimate event in the current socially distant world.

Pratham presenters included CEO Rukmini Banerji who spoke about how Pratham survived the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing national lockdown in India. She credited US donors for continuing and often stepping up their support, which enabled Pratham to rapidly pivot from an intense in-person model of providing education interventions to a virtual one. The guests had the opportunity to break out in two groups and do a deeper dive with Annapoorni Chandrashekar, Senior Manager, Digital Innovations; and Annette Francis, Head, Vocational Training Programs. A summary of the respective programs can be found here.

The series repeats on Sunday April 25th. The event is by invitation only. To learn more, please contact sgupta@prathamusa.org