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School closures have affected all children, but those with little or no access to digital resources have been hurt more than others. There is widespread concern that learning gaps for children in these under-resourced communities will widen.

They say, “it takes a village.” In this case, “a village takes you.”

*When you adopt a Pratham Digital Learning Village, your gift of $1,500 will provide learning opportunities for up to 75 children by strengthening participation from families and community volunteers with support from Pratham team members and ensuring ongoing access to connectivity and engaging content. You can also make a gift of $125 per month to adopt a village.

It only takes $20 to enable a child’s participation in a Digital Learning Village.

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*Your gift will be utilized as part of our general operating fund and it will be used when and where it’s most needed. Read FAQs here

Three Pillars of Digital Learning Villages

To sustain and strengthen the learning opportunities for children in the village, we need to ensure the following three pillars, held together by Pratham team members, are in place.
The social structure and local support groups of parents, family members, teachers and community volunteers who help children learn in groups.
Meaningful, engaging, and relevant learning content and activities for children.
Local connectivity in the village. which can range from parent-owned basic phones or smartphones (present in all villages) to donated devices shared by groups and advanced hardware such as Raspberry Pi (present in some villages).

How Pratham has adapted in the pandemic

Join their Journey. See Your Support Make a Difference

*Adopt a Digital Learning Village today. Over the year, your relationship with the village can grow as you have a chance to engage with the children, the Pratham team and others in the village. Join their journey and see your support make a difference.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Children in India

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