Jul 29, 2016

MediaX Symposium on Meeting Worldwide Challenges in Education


MediaX, in collaboration with Pratham SF Bay Area, hosted an evening symposium on June 9 at the Center for Education Research at Stanford University exploring ways to harness technological innovation to address literacy and education worldwide.

Pratham board member Neerja Raman and MediaX sponsor Karina Alexanian welcomed symposium attendees and encouraged a dynamic conversation around ​scaling education​ technology in developing nations.

As the role and impact of technology expands, it presents immense opportunities and challenges. Nowhere is this more acutely seen than in the field of education. For India and the world to prosper socially and economically, it is imperative that we enable learning at scale ​to reach the underserved.

A panel of distinguished experts shared their perspective on the opportunities and challenges faced in using technology to improve education for developing nations. This was followed by a Q&A session.

Panelists included: Paulette Altmaier, a senior executive and advisor focused on education technology for social impact; René Kizilcec, a ​g​raduate ​f​ellow and co-founder of the Stanford Lytics lab; Amber Levinson, a research scholar with a specialization in family media for education; Shirish Sathe, a design engineer and product developer; Martha Russell, executive director of MediaX and a senior research scholar; and Neerja Raman, a technology executive and distinguished visiting scholar at MediaX.