May 17, 2017

NY Tri-State Young Professionals Host a Special Happy Hour


On the evening of April 11, the Pratham NY Tri-State Young Professionals hosted a special happy hour at Stitch Bar and Lounge. Attendees had an opportunity to network, learn more about Pratham and meet program staff from India. But the highlight of the evening was an interview with Sanjana Das, a graduate of Pratham’s vocational training program.

With the interpreting assistance of moderator and AVS reporter Jitin Hingorani, the 22-year-old recounted in Hindi her journey from her difficult childhood in the small village of Odisha to her involvement with Pratham and finally to being employed in the front office of the three-star Lords Plaza Hotel in Jaipur, her dream of financial independence now realized.

The attendees were visibly moved by Sanjana’s inspiring story, many of them waiting patiently to speak to her after the interview. In the words of host Sagar Dalal, “It’s difficult to feel a connection to your charitable endeavors if you are not close enough to witness the impact the work has. Having Sanjana sit in the room and tell her story allowed us all to experience Pratham’s impact.”

Co-host Meeta Manglani agreed: “The Pratham Young Professionals event was one of those rare opportunities to truly understand what the organization does and how it actually changes the lives of so many young people in India.”

Getting involved with Pratham Young Professionals is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals in their 20s and 30s around the shared interest of making a meaningful difference through education. Learn about how you can join the Pratham Young Professionals.