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Covid Relief Fund

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WEBINAR: Covid Crisis in India - Building Capacity for Evolving Needs

Pratham Covid Relief Fund

In the wake of India's Covid surge, many donors and corporations have turned to us, as one of India's most prominent education NGOs, for a reliable channel to help bring humanitarian aid to the country. In response, we have established the Pratham Covid Relief Fund to provide affected communities with the resources they need to survive.

We set an initial goal of $2.5 million, which was reached in a matter of days. With the situation worsening, we have updated our goal to $10 million. Donations received by Pratham will be utilized for urgent relief now as well as recovery efforts in the coming months. We will also allocate part of the Relief Fund for the care and medical expenses of workers and volunteers on the frontlines.

The recovery will undoubtedly take time and require substantial planning and coordination. Specifically, our plan includes:

  • Delivering oxygen concentrators as well as rapid tests, vaccines, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to Indian hospitals and care facilities.
  • Coordinating field response teams to aid in the distribution of supplies to affected communities.
  • Ensuring relevant and timely dissemination of accurate information in regional Indian languages.
  • Equipping and training anchors in local communities and launching allied vocational courses in medical equipment repair.
  • Providing educational engagement kits for children and families during school lockdowns.

Ways We Are Helping

Delivering Essential Supplies
Pratham has procured more than 7,000 5L and 10L concentrators and begun distribution to hospitals and Covid care facilities in 24 states in cooperation with local partners, including Piramal Swasthya and Project Mumbai.
Building Capacity
Pratham state teams have been participating in public health town halls, conducted in regional languages, with Indian-American doctors in Phoenix, gathering information about Covid detection, prevention, care, and vaccines.
Creating Awareness
Pratham has begun disseminating accurate information to more than 20,000 communities and is creating additional content surrounding health and hygiene for distribution through our own channels and more than 100 NGO partners.
Developing Strategies
As the situation evolves, Pratham will transition to support medium- and long-term recovery efforts. We are beginning to layer health components onto our work in the 20,000 communities we serve to keep them safe and help them build back effectively. 

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Latest Videos

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Raj Shah

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Pandemic Surge in India

India is facing one of the most devastating health and humanitarian crises of our time. More than 24 million Covid infections and 260,000 deaths have been confirmed, but experts warn that the actual figures are much higher. The country's healthcare system is under tremendous stress, and the demand for essential medical and safety supplies continues to grow. To help communities being ravaged by the second wave of the pandemic, we have established the Pratham Covid Relief Fund.

With your support, we can deliver urgent aid. Please give today!

Give with Confidence

As an organization deeply rooted in local communities, Pratham is uniquely positioned to manage critical resources and support longer-term recovery. We have unparalleled:

  • Reach - a presence in 21 Indian states and more than 10,000 communities
  • Personnel - 7,000 dedicated staff and as many volunteers on the ground
  • Experience - 25 years of experience mobilizing resources quickly and effectively across India
  • Relationships - partnerships with hundreds of businesses, communities and state and local governments

Pratham USA has earned ten consecutive four-star ratings from Charity Navigator for demonstrating “strong financial health” and “commitment to accountability and transparency,” a distinction that places Pratham USA in the top 2% of 1.5 million American charities.

“Pratham’s impact on the lives of millions of kids has been tremendous; it is quite simply an exceptional, best-in-class organization that has managed to scale across India.”

 — Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee

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