Digital Learning Villages

Reboot Learning. Renew Hope.

The Pandemic created barriers to learning for almost every child around the globe. Across India, the impact will be felt for a generation. 

Lack of access to digital learning heightened disparities that already existed - particularly for girls and children in rural and under-served communities. Millions of children have forgotten how to read and write, putting them at risk of falling critically behind. 

When schools shut down in 2020, Pratham was uniquely positioned to step up and provide support to more than 600,000 students with effective, daily remote learning opportunities. 

But as schools reopen, many children will return to the classroom without the necessary fundamental skills - or they may not be able to return at all. 

It takes just $1,500 to support a Digital Learning Village with up to 150 children for an entire year. That's only $10 to enable a child’s participation in a Digital Learning Village.

We need to accelerate our efforts to ensure the learning gap narrows - not widens - across India. 


Donate Now!

Join our community of committed donors to reboot learning and renew hope.

Help India's children access the education they need to navigate today's crisis and realize tomorrow's promise by breaking the cycle of poverty. Your gift will enable Pratham to meet learning needs across communities in India in the following areas: 

"Pratham is a force multiplier that brings learning to millions of children each year. The depth and effectiveness of its programs are nothing short of phenomenal. It’s a matter of great pride and joy to be involved with this amazing organization. And its proven ability to operate at scale have made it a global agent of change.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me in supporting Pratham’s Digital Learning Villages campaign. Your contribution will create equal access to learning opportunities for children in thousands of underserved communities. I encourage you to give generously."

- Fareed Zakaria, CNN Host and The Washington Post Columnist 

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Join our Global Movement in Three Easy Steps.


1. As a first step to join the Digital Learning Villages campaign, hover on the map to see how many communities we serve. During the Pandemic, we have leveraged technology to sustain learning by developing quality learning content and ensuring its dissemination through multiple high-and-low tech platforms. 

2. Select a state that you would like to stay engaged with.

3. Make your gift and stay connected!

See and experience the impact of your donation through 2022:

When you join the Digital Learning Villages Campaign, throughout 2022, we will provide a unique opportunity for you to stay engaged. As a Digital Learning Villages donor, you will get to see first-hand how your generosity has made an impact through: 

  • Live virtual community events in selected locations across India to witness our work on the ground.
  • Regular communication with stories from across India.
  • Two impact reports to keep you updated about our progress and the impact of your gift.


The Impact of Digital Learning Villages


Pratham was able to leverage our scale and rigorous educational program to engage 600,000 children in more than 12,000 communities to keep children learning remotely. 
Read about the impact in our recently released report here.

A glimpse into our work

Mothers involvement

Faced with the challenge of delivering meaningful education during a pandemic, we turned to smartphones—and even smarter mothers.

Language Catch Up Campaign

Digital Content was developed and shared via neighborhood learning camps to help children build and strengthen foundational literacy skills.

Karona Apni Suraksha Campaign

A six-week advocacy campaign dispelled myths and provided reliable Covid health and safety information.

Math Catch Up Campaign

Digital Content was developed and shared via neighborhood learning camps to help children build and strengthen foundational numeracy skills.

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