Sep 16, 2014

Dr. Rukmini Banerji Kicks Off Global Change Forum


Teach for All, a network of independent organizations with the mission of expanding educational opportunity worldwide, launched a new initiative called the Global Change Forum. The forum is an online resource where professionals, alumni and staff of the Teach For All network will have access to insights of globally renowned individuals on current topics.

Pratham’s Dr. Rukmini Banerji is one of four global leaders in the forum’s inaugural discussion on family engagement. She discusses the need for family involvement in a child’s education.

“I was chatting with a group of mothers, asking them about their children’s education. It was clear from the conversation that no one had any doubts about sending their child to school,” relates Dr. Banerji. “‘Schooling is a must,’ they said. I asked the next question, ‘Are they learning properly?’ Now there was much more hesitation. One mother said, ‘How can I say? I cannot read and write… We can only make sure that our children go to school.’”

While 96% of children in India are enrolled in school, reports have shown that 50% of fifth-grade students cannot read at a second-grade level.

Dr. Banerji’s research found that a large percentage of Indian mothers are illiterate and, therefore, cannot help their children. Realizing that children cannot succeed if parents are left behind, Pratham has developed a series of easy activities to help mothers stay on top of their children’s learning.

The Global Change Forum will feature global leaders speaking on a new topic and every month.

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