May 15, 2016

Pratham a Key Player in New Delhi’s First Summer Camps


In a groundbreaking move, government schools in New Delhi have introduced large-scale learning camps for rising sixth-grade students to keep them engaged during summer break. This age group was targeted as studies have shown that the transition from fifth to sixth grade can be a difficult one.

The three-week camps began as soon as the school year ended and received an overwhelming response: 44,000 students from 551 government schools enrolled within the first two days.

Pratham developed the content material for the camps where children will focus on three core themes—food, water and waste—through fun, educational activities and integrated learning techniques. The camps also include peer-to peer learning. The first day of summer camp involved a poster-making competition on the topic of “Hamari Dilli”; the winning poster will be published by Delhi’s tourism department.

“We have experience in conducting camps, and such activities enhance learning of students,” said Fayaz Ahmad, a content head for Pratham. “We suggested this to the [New Delhi] government, and they liked the idea, and then the content was developed accordingly.”

In our efforts to make education a community affair, Pratham conducted a one-day training session for nearly 1,500 guest teachers who will work with the students, and we encourage parents to attend the camps and participate with their children on Saturdays.

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