May 09, 2024

Pratham Boston Chapter Hosts Electrifying Salon on AI in Education


The Boston Chapter of Pratham kicked off the year with a dynamic first salon event featuring Nishant Baghel, Managing Director at Pratham’s Shah PraDigi Innovation Centre. Nishant, a champion for harnessing technology for social good, captivated the audience with his insights on leveraging AI to amplify Pratham’s educational impact.

The event sparked an invigorating discussion about PraDigi’s pioneering ecosystem, encompassing 140 mission-aligned partners. Attendees delved into how advancements in AI are revolutionizing personalized, on-demand support for early childhood care and education.

A highlight was Nishant’s exploration of PraDigi’s vast speech dataset in Hindi and Marathi, collected from over 140,000 children. He explained their collaboration with AI experts at IIT Madras to develop models for evaluating children’s reading and comprehension skills at an unprecedented scale. This cutting-edge technology tackles real-world challenges in education.

Nishant also introduced the latest innovation, the chatbot ‘BaalSakhi,’ designed to provide immediate, personalized support in early childhood care.

Watch BaalSakhi in Action:

Beyond the Event:

The salon event fostered connections within the community and provided a platform to explore technology’s transformative impact on childhood education and vocational training facilitated by Pratham. We look forward to seeing you at future events!