Vocational Training

Between now and 2025, an
estimated 130 million youth
will enter the Indian labor force.

13 million young people enter India's workforce each year. Yet, in 2014-15, less than 5 million received any formal skills training.



We build pathways to success.

Since 2005, we have provided skills training that has led to careers and economic self-sufficiency for thousands of underprivileged youth from rural India. Pratham's vocational training program offers technical training, certification, job placement, entrepreneurship opportunities and vital support for job relocation and transition.

Our efforts are helping young adults from impoverished communities gain confidence and lift their families out of poverty.


After completing Pratham’s automotive training program, Rajat was placed with a prominent company in Aurangabad, where he washed cars. A diligent worker, Rajat excelled at his new job. But Pratham had planted the seeds of something bigger. Watch his journey from job seeker to job creator.



We collaborate with industry to provide young adults with relevant skills.

Pratham has 100 residential and non-residential training centers for rural and semi-urban young adults. Our prestigious knowledge partners, who are industry leaders in India’s high-growth sectors, advise on content development, train instructors, conduct third-party assessment and certification of students, and, in many cases, place graduates into jobs.

We emphasize practical training over classroom instruction, better preparing students to enter the workforce. New graduates often double or triple their household income by earning between $75 and $200 per month.


Together with our partners, we have equipped thousands of young adults with skills in six industries.


A sustainable model.

With Pratham’s “learn now, pay later” option, underprivileged youth pay an affordable percentage of the fee during the course with the rest paid post-placement through monthly installments.


We empower entrepreneurs.

For a select few, we provide the seed capital, training and mentoring to fuel their dreams of self-employment.


A large percentage of these entrepreneurs are women who gain the necessary skills and confidence to launch a business from their homes.


We help graduates transition smoothly.

Pratham remains engaged with graduates to guide them through the daunting challenges of a new job and life in an unfamiliar city. Whether it be finding a place to live or offering advice in communicating with a new boss, our coordinators are there to support graduates, which has increased job retention tremendously.

Through this effort and our alumni network, we aim to sustain a strong connection with our graduates, improve outreach and use their feedback to refine and scale up our program.



Our vocational training reshapes lives.

Over the last decade, we have provided 100,000 young men and women with new skills and employment, and 1,500 entrepreneurial youth (mostly women) with training and capital to launch their own micro-enterprises.

More than 80% of our graduates retain their jobs beyond six months compared to the 40% retention rate of comparable vocational training providers. Our graduates earn 1,000-2,000 rupees more per month than their counterparts.

Since 2012, enrollment in Pratham’s vocational training program has doubled annually, and we expect to reach more than 25,000 youth in 2019-20. Strategic partnerships with businesses ensure that our programs meet and align with industry needs training.


We invite you to join us.

Your support can help us empower India’s youth by building skills, confidence and job opportunities.