Spring Blooms with Hope: Celebrating the transformative power of learning at the Pratham USA Galas

Springtime unfolded with vibrant energy nationwide as Pratham USA hosted a captivating series of galas in Houston, Dallas Fort-Worth, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Each gala was woven with inspiring stories, speakers, and the joyful spirit of giving. Together, we raised funds to support the learning journeys of over 97,500 children!

The Houston Gala kicked off the season with an electrifying performance by Indian Idol stars Mohammad Danish and Shanmukhpriya. Dr. Rajiv J. Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, shared...
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Pratham Gala inspires the community to support education for children, girls and women in under-served communities in India

March 24, 2024; Houston, TX – The highly anticipated Pratham Houston Gala was held on Saturday, March 23, 2024 this year. The event brought together the city’s Indian-American community to raise awareness and funding for the charity’s learning programs for children and young people in under-served communities in India. There were performances by contestants of Indian Idol, Mohammad Danish and Shanmukh Priya.

The event featured a fireside chat with Dr. Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation. “Like Pratham, I have...
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CAMaL Ka Camp: Turning learning into an amazing adventure

Language and math skills are the magic keys that transform a child’s world to one of learning and possibility!
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Changing Lives with Pratham: A conversation with Darel D'Souza

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Darel D’Souza, a passionate and long-time supporter of Pratham USA, to delve into his incredible journey of involvement and the deep personal impact Pratham has had on his life.

For nearly two decades, Darel has remained steadfast in his dedication to Pratham, playing an integral part in their mission to provide quality education to children and young people in India. From his early days as a volunteer at the University of Houston’s Pratham...
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2023 Pratham Spring Galas: A look back

Springtime brings new beginnings, growth, and hope, and it was during this vibrant season that Pratham hosted its first galas of the year!

The Pratham Houston Gala united Houston’s Indian-American community in support of Pratham’s learning programs. Preity G. Zinta, accomplished actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, was the evening’s guest speaker and left attendees inspired. Pratham’s commitment to addressing learning loss during the pandemic was emphasized by Annu Rao Naik, President of the Pratham Houston chapter, and the audience was urged to...
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Vikram Gopal
Pradip Seernani

Advisory Board
Avinash Ahuja
Kumar Bashyam
Amit Bhandari
Annu Rao Naik
Dr. Marie Goradia
Swatantra Jain
Shawn Karande
Dr. Sippi Khurana
Mai Melligeri
Poonam Mittal
Sapphira Goradia
Scott Pharr
Rasool Shaik
Dhiren Shethia
Smita Singh

Executive Board
Ashima Chock ne'e Arora
Anu Bala
Shivaji Dasgupta
Meena Datt
Dhamo Dhamotharan
Asha Dhume
Sonali Gandhi
Manish Jain
Himadri Katharani
Brij Kathuria
Sri Lakshmanan
Madhu Maganti
Sameera Kapasi Mahendru
Pankaj Malani
Raj Mehta
Shampa Mukerji
Kunal Nadkarni
Annu Naik
Beejal Patel
Purav Patel
Ananya Sarkar
Rehka V. Narahari
Anuradha Subramanian
Anil Shah
Ash Shah
Mahesh Shah
Mili Shah
Namrata Sharma Goel
Jyothi Singh
Dominic Sreshta
Asheet Yagnik

Young Professionals Leads
Darel D’Souza


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