Nov 21, 2022

5 things we learned at the Pratham Virtual Career Panel

by Pratham USA

If you could go back in time, what is the most important thing you would tell yourself as you progress through your career?

This was a guiding principles of our virtual career panel discussion hosted on November 8, 2022. The event featured panelists Anu Krishnan, Jennifer Marszalek, and Nag Vaidyanathan, and it was moderated by Yev Kozachuk.

Keep reading to find out what our key takeaways from the event were!

  1. Have the mindset that you are always under construction. It will allow you to learn continuously, connect with different people, be curious and implement improvements
  2. Be open to forks in the road and listen to feedback on what others see in you. Don’t assume your career will be a ladder, sometimes you will be more fulfilled by something on a totally different path!
  3. Be confident about who you are. Know your strengths and your weaknesses, and how you can leverage them to achieve success.
  4. Intangible and soft skills – such as emotional intelligence, self-regulation and humility – are important and often under-rated qualities. They help you communicate and lead others.
  5. In the new flexible, remote and hybrid environment, people skills are increasingly important. Share personal stories, keep cameras on, make eye contact and regularly ask your colleagues how they are.

Watch the session in full, below!