Readathon 2019

Read for fun with a purpose!

What’s it all about? Pratham USA’s annual Readathon encourages kids in the US to read books while raising awareness and funds for Pratham. Since its inception in 2012, hundreds of children have participated in the Readathon each year and their families and friends have supported them by donating. With the funds raised by 300 participants of the Pratham USA
Readathon last year, 6,000 children in 225 villages in 3 districts (Baleshwar, Bargarh, and Khordha) in Odisha, India are learning to read, write and do arithmetic.

Who can participate? Anyone and everyone. Kids of any age can sign up to become a reader and children too young to read can have a sibling, parent or grandparent read to them. High school students are encouraged to become Readathon coordinators and lead a team of younger readers. Adults can get involved as mentors, donors and sponsors. Sponsorship is also open to businesses and institutions.

How does it all work? By getting pledges for every book they read, kids can help underprivileged children in India learn to read write and do basic arithmetic for themselves. There is no need to worry about door-to-door solicitation—participants do it all using our online tools.

Why Readathon? Watch this video made by 2016 participants to find out what the Readathon means to them and why they participated.

Ready to get started? Click on the button to get started. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.