Feb 08, 2023

Dr Wilima Wadhwa on the key findings of ASER 2022


Pratham USA recently had the pleasure of hosting two special webinars for our supporters to mark the launch of the Annual Status of Education Report (Rural) 2022.

The report provides estimates of basic reading and arithmetic for every rural district in India and has done so since 2005. The series of reports has provided crucial data over time on key indicators of quality of education.

This is the first measurement of foundational learning conducted in households across the country after the long period of COVID-19 school closures , so continue reading and watch the recording below to hear directly from ASER Centre experts.

To read a summary of 5 key takeaways from the Annual Status of Education Report 2022 please read our blog here.

In this presentation you will hear from Dr Wilima Wadhwa, Director of the ASER Centre. In her presentation, Dr Wadhwa provides:

  • context to how the ASER survey is conducted as well as its incredible reach and approach (from 11:00 onwards)
  • a summary of the 2022 report’s key findings including school enrollment, basic reading and arithmetic levels and quality of school facilities (from 16:00 onwards)
  • answers to questions from our attendees (from 40:00 onwards)


The ASER 2022 Webinars were the first of several that Pratham USA will be hosting over the course of the year. We are looking forward to inviting our supporters to learn more about India’s learning priorities for children and youth as well as Pratham’s programs and solutions.

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