Jul 13, 2023

Bhavesh found his confidence at Pratham's CAMaL Ka Camp

Bhavesh peeks around the doorway at Pratham's CAMaL Ka Camp

Bhavesh is a sixth grader who lives in the village of Nikoda in Gujarat. Everything changed for him when he attended a Pratham CAMaL Ka Camp this summer.
“Initially, when I first saw Bhavesh during the summer camp, he was very quiet and did not interact with anyone. When I first made him read, he could only read letters,” said Dikshit, a Pratham volunteer.

During the summer camp, Dikshit led his campers through activities around reading, writing and playing sports. Slowly, he started to see progress! Bhavesh moved from recognizing letters, to reading words. By the end of camp, he was able to read stories comfortably.

“My only hope is that Bhavesh continues to make daily progress and his dreams come true,” said Dikshit.

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