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Supporting Learning for All

With schools across India locked down due to Covid-19, educators have begun transitioning to virtual classes. But a lack of infrastructure and localized content makes it difficult to reach a vast majority of children in the country.

In recent years, with support from and Sarva Mangal Family Trust, among others, Pratham has made critical investments in developing digital resources for education. This content is now being shared widely through open-source platforms that reach millions of children.

More than 14 local and state governments, such as Diksha in Uttar Pradesh, are currently utilizing Pratham’s digital resources. In addition, we are sharing our content with 225 partner organizations for their distance learning portals. Efforts are being made to expand this repository and ensure its accessibility.

Watch’s Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink and Harvard’s John Kim discuss the role of edtech and Pratham in helping children learn.

UPDATE: Pratham content is now also being offered by Khan Academy in four Indian languages to 120,000 registered users through their India portal.