Apr 22, 2021

Enter the Youth Essay Competition!


The India Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) is now accepting submissions for its second annual Youth Essay Competition, made possible by the generous support of the Sarva Mangal Family Trust.

The IPA is a coalition of nonprofit, philanthropic and charitable organizations, including Pratham USA, that mobilizes resources for development and poverty reduction programs in India.

In line with the IPA’s mission of fostering a more robust and better-recognized culture of giving among Indian-Americans, the contest is designed to encourage interest and engage middle and high school students in philanthropy.

Selected essays, chosen by a panel of philanthropy experts, will be published on the Internet.The authors of the best papers, selected by a panel of philanthropy experts, will have the opportunity to present their ideas at the Indiaspora Philanthropy Summit and direct prize money to the nonprofit of their choice. Last year’s winning essays by Maher Adoni and Rohan Chalamasetti, as well as those by other finalists, can be read here.

“The Sarva Mangal Family Trust strongly believes in the importance of introducing and engaging youth in philanthropy, to foster a lifelong aspiration to help others,” according to Mona Shah whose family is sponsoring the competition and served as a judge in 2020. “We hope this essay competition encourages students to learn about the challenges facing India, and how Indian Americans can help. It is essential for the next generation to be aware of their roots and the essential roles that they can have towards making a positive social impact.”

The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2021. Read the complete guidelines.