Jul 24, 2023

Learning through fun helped Srikanth go from "I can't" to "I can" at Pratham's CAMaL Ka Camp

Srikanth is a fourth grade student who took part in Pratham's 2023 CAMaL Ka Camp.

Imagine the incredible possibilities that unfold when children acquire the key to a lifelong journey of learning: reading skills!

Meet Srikanth, a fourth-grade student who eagerly took part in Pratham’s CAMaL Ka Camps to help him prepare for the upcoming school year. “As parents, we hope that our children will have a successful career and don’t face the same obstacles that we faced,” said his father.

Thanks to fun skill-building lessons and activities led by dedicated community volunteers, Srikanth has made incredible progress. From reciting numbers and individual words to reading full sentences and mastering subtraction, he’s transformed from saying “I can’t” to “I can”! With growing confidence and a newfound dream to become a police officer, we can’t wait to see Srikanth continue to thrive on his learning journey.

At Pratham’s CAMaL Ka Camps, we’re committed to transforming learning into an amazing adventure and empowering young children like Srikanth to unlock a world teeming with knowledge and infinite possibilities. By donating as little as $10, you can help more children like Srikanth take a transformative learning journey with Pratham. Donate today!