Jun 27, 2015

Seattle U Students Intern for Pratham


This past winter, two students from Seattle University’s International Development Internship Program—Logan McDonald and Molly Kendall—went to India as Pratham interns. Read about their experiences below.

Team Technology

Logan MacDonald obtained a three-month internship on the digital operations team in Pratham’s Pune office where her tasks included developing Android game applications for tablets and desktops, creating digital content for the project, and evaluating data from tablet initiatives.

“I am incredibly excited about the work Pratham is doing on self-learning through technology,” says Logan. “Technology, unlike the education system, is flexible and non-linear. It has the power to disrupt broken education systems by allowing students to learn at their own pace and level.”

During her internship, Logan lived with a Maharashtrian family where she learned about  their unique food, culture and traditions. “Molly and I both were honored to be welcomed so warmly by Pratham’s Pune community and both hope to return soon.”

Hands-on Hospitality

Traveling between Pune, Aurangabad and Mumbai, Molly Kendall worked with the Pratham vocational training programs in hospitality and beauty. Her tasks included website design and program marketing and development.

Molly was impressed with our hands-on, practical training model at the Pratham Arora Centre for Education in Aurangabad. She interacted with students who encountered real-life work experiences with actual guests at a new, fully functioning hotel.

“As India’s need for skilled workers grows, Pratham is doing amazing things to fill this gap and stay ahead of the crowd in terms of approach,” explains Molly.

“Through this internship,” the college student adds, “I was able to learn critical skills for my professional development, make lifelong connections and eat delicious food I will forever crave! I am so thankful for this experience and am already looking forward to the next time I travel back.”

Pratham internships offer field work opportunities across India. Interested in learning more? Email us at getinvolved@prathamusa.org.