Nov 14, 2023

Meet Madhusudan: A young inventor from Sonkheda Village


In the village of Sonkheda, situated in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, a young inventor named Madhusudan is making a difference. At just 16 years old, Madhusudan has already created several innovative inventions and models, and he shares his love of science with others by coaching children’s groups at the Pratham Science Center.

His passion for science began at a young age. When he was nine years old, he joined a Pratham children’s group in his community. It was there that his passion for learning and experimentation took root.

With the help of Pratham’s PraDigi program, Madhusudan has access to a wide range of resources that support his learning and creativity. He uses these resources to design and build his own inventions and models.

One of his most notable inventions is a solar-powered water pump. He designed and built the pump to help the farmers in his village irrigate their crops. Another invention of his is a low-cost air purifier that can be used to clean the air in homes and schools.

He is also passionate about advocating for science education. He coaches children’s groups at the Pratham Science Center, where he helps them to foster their own love of learning and experimentation. Additionally,he shares his knowledge and skills online through his YouTube channel: “Madhu Experiments.”

Madhusudan’s journey serves as an inspiration to us all. He shows us that it is possible to achieve great things, even if we come from humble beginnings. With hard work, dedication, and the support of others, we can all have a positive impact on the world.

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