Nov 18, 2019

Phoenix Launches Young Professionals Group


The Phoenix Young Professionals Group is officially up and running. On August 18, 2019, representatives of the fledging group, which consists of recent college graduates working in the Phoenix area and graduate students at Arizona State University (ASU), were on hand at a welcome event for incoming ASU students, where more than 75 people expressed their interest in joining.

At their first official meeting, held the following week, Dr. Punam Ohri, local board member and YP group advisor; Samyukta Subramanian, program head of early childhood education for Pratham and a current Echidna Global Scholar at Brooking Institution; and Dr. Swati Nigam, development manager for the chapter, shared stories of their experiences with Pratham and discussed the importance of children’s education. The 20 attendees, who joined the meeting in-person and virtually, also brainstormed various ways they can contribute to Pratham’s cause.

In the coming weeks, the group, led by Harshil Kakaiya, an employee at ASU, plans to register a club at the University, form committees and delegate tasks. They also intend to chalk out plans, on a weekly basis, for creating awareness about Pratham among the Phoenix community, whether by collaboration with other organizations or through fundraisers.

The next few weeks are sure to be exciting as they look to expand both in strength and ideas. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can get involved.