Nov 10, 2023

Ignite Potential: How you can change lives through learning


Pratham has been working to support learning and education across India for the last three decades. Every year we ignite the potential of millions of children and thousands of youth – but our work isn’t done yet.

In 2021, a staggering 42% of fifth graders in India could only read at a second-grade level. Across India, girls and young women often abandon their education due to socio-cultural and financial constraints. Once they exit the system, further learning becomes a significant challenge. Less than 5% of the 12 million young people who enter India’s job market each year have formal skills required for employment.

Tackling these challenges is no small task, but we know change is possible with Pratham!

Pratham’s innovative learning programs break free from traditional classroom constraints, empowering children and young people with the skills and opportunities they need to flourish.

By the end of this year:

  • Every child enrolled in our programs will not only learn how to read but also gain essential math skills.
  • Every young girl and woman in our Second Chance program will have the opportunity to continue her learning journey, setting her on a path of transformation and independence.
  • Every graduate from our skilling program will not only be aware of the opportunities available to them, but will also be set up for success to earn their livelihoods.

Together, we hold the spark capable of igniting the learning potential within every child and young person in India! Change lives through learning with Pratham by making a donation today.