Apr 20, 2023

2023 Pratham Spring Galas: A look back


Springtime brings new beginnings, growth, and hope, and it was during this vibrant season that Pratham hosted its first galas of the year!

The Pratham Houston Gala united Houston’s Indian-American community in support of Pratham’s learning programs. Preity G. Zinta, accomplished actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, was the evening’s guest speaker and left attendees inspired. Pratham’s commitment to addressing learning loss during the pandemic was emphasized by Annu Rao Naik, President of the Pratham Houston chapter, and the audience was urged to help secure a brighter future for children. The gala also honored Hemant Goradia for his long standing support.

Our Pratham Dallas Fort-Worth Gala made its highly anticipated return with great success! Shaan, renowned singer, composer, actor, and television host, lent his support to Pratham’s mission, highlighting Pratham’s excellent on-the-ground programs and urging guests to support them. Suman Chepuri and Lav Kapadia, Co-Presidents of the Pratham DFW chapter, stressed the importance of addressing pandemic-induced learning loss and securing a brighter future through education. The gala also honored Drs. Leena & Nick Nipank Shroff for their contributions.

Guests gathered at the Pratham SF Bay Area Gala, which featured Aparna Bawa, COO of Zoom Video Communications, Inc., as the guest of honor, who inspired admiration and appreciation for Pratham’s impactful work. Pratham SF Bay Area Co-Presidents, Suja Viswesan and Ari Daman, emphasized addressing pandemic-induced learning loss and securing a brighter future for children.

We welcomed remarks from Dhiren Shethia, Chair of Pratham USA’s National Board, and heard from Ashwini, a 24-year-old from India who shared her journey from being an aspiring welder to being the first female trainer at the Pratham Mody Technical Institute, at each gala this spring.

These gatherings were truly remarkable and filled with joy, inspiration, and a shared commitment to transforming lives through learning. Thank you to each and every individual who gave their support. We are grateful for your dedication to learning and education!

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