Jun 11, 2014

Gujarat Dropouts Exceed Expectations with 92% Pass Rate

Business Standard

Through its second chance program, Pratham provides access to secondary education for female dropouts. The initiative, which began in 2011 with 10 centers, identifies villages with high rates of dropouts and sets up learning centers to tutor the students in foundation courses and prepare them for the secondary school exam.

This year the state of Gujarat saw a 92% passing rate among its school dropouts, compared to 17% the previous year—one of the highest success rates in school dropouts finishing education.

Renu Seth, head of Pratham in Gujarat, notes that it is usually girls who drop out of school for economic or accessibility reasons. “The idea is the larger message of girls taking the second chance. We think it is a big step they take, in the social milieu and for the time they need to put in their study.”

Pratham’s program makes education compatible with home life by allowing girls to attend classes near their villages in the afternoon, when chores are typically finished. During the course, teachers offer individual attention until the students understand the work.

Last year, Pratham worked with 2,838 dropouts, while this year the program has reached 3,372 students.

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