May 12, 2023

How moms are shaping young minds for a stronger future

Mom and child painting together

Pratham USA recently had the pleasure of hosting a special webinar in honor of Mother’s Day this year. Leaping Forward: Engaging moms for a stronger future, featured Smitin Brid and Samyukta Subramanian, Co-Heads of Pratham’s Early Years Programs. The webinar explored why Pratham believes mothers play such a critical role in supporting their child’s learning and development, how Pratham engages and equips mothers with the tools to do so effectively, and showcased some Mothers’ Workshops in action!

Did you know that Pratham’s efforts include hosting school readiness camps, establishing weekly mothers groups in the communities, engaging mothers directly through smartphone content and setting up workshops and melas (fairs) in schools?

Smitin and Samyukta shared their excitement about the incredible impact of last year’s school readiness melas  in Maharashtra. These melas engaged 2.9 million people – including 1.3 million children and 640,000 mothers – and introduced participants to engaging activities that they can do together at home to get ready to attend school.

Click on the webinar recording below or dive into the presentation itself to learn more.


This webinar is part of an ongoing series Pratham USA is hosting over the course of the year. Make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list to hear about our upcoming webinars! We are looking forward to inviting our supporters to learn more about India’s learning priorities for children and youth as well as Pratham’s programs and solutions.