Mar 21, 2019

Pratham and UBS Launch Financial Educational App


In line with its commitment to making a positive impact in the community and self-professed “business-minded approach to philanthropy,” UBS has launched Meri Dukaan, a financial educational app, through a partnership with Pratham. During its pilot phase, Pratham will implement Meri Dukaan in 100 vocational training centers that serve over 25,000 young adults annually.

“The unique collaboration model between UBS in India, Optimus and our partners will create a greater impact and amplify the amount of good we do by leveraging all the unique skillsets that we have within the firm,” said Sabine Keller-Busse, Group COO, UBS.

According to the ASER Beyond Basics survey, which examined the learning levels of youth between the ages of 14 and 18, there is a large gap between the aspirations of Indian youth and their abilities.

Developed by UBS’s information technology team, Meri Dukaan introduces financial and entrepreneurial concepts through the management of a virtual grocery store. The Android-based app addresses fundamental commercial skills, including inventory, banking and insurance.

“I have always believed that for-profit companies have much more than money. They have the know-how,” explained Pratham Co-Founder and President Madhav Chavan. “So, when our friends at UBS in India proposed working together, we started talking about doing it differently. A financial literacy game was scripted together by people on both sides. An idea that was co-owned was easy to execute. It is a unique collaboration for us. I am sure it will help us build more such collaborations for the benefit of children.”