Jul 20, 2023

Puja & Rupali's summer adventure at Pratham's CAMaL Ka Camp

Children at Pratham's CAMaL Ka Camp in Odisha.

Rupali and Puja live in Raulasahi, a small village in Odisha. Their community is home to 300 families, most of whom rely on fishing and agriculture to earn a living.

The girls joined Pratham’s CAMaL Ka Camp to help them improve their language and math skills, but feared studying at first. “My biggest challenge was to make them comfortable with other kids,” said their teacher. By the end of the camp, they had blossomed under the leadership and guidance of Pratham’s volunteers. Rupali and Puja could both do subtraction and read stories fluently – their endline assessment showed that they had jumped 2-3 levels in just four weeks!

CAMaL Ka Camps swept in a tide of change through Raulasahi. Along with the children’s newfound enthusiasm for learning, their parents have also become more aware of the importance of education paving the way for continued learning and growth.

We’re proud that success stories like these are happening in hundreds of thousands of communities across Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar this summer. A donation as little as $10 can help more children like Rupali and Puja take a transformative learning journey with Pratham. Donate today!