Nov 16, 2023

From hesitant to hopeful: Syed's inspiring transformation


In the serene village of Bhoira, tucked within the Rangia block of Kamrup district, Assam, resides ten-year-old Syed. His story is a heartwarming tale of how learning, coupled with unwavering support, can spark a remarkable transformation.

Syed’s childhood was marked by shyness and difficulty with literacy. The financial constraints faced by his parents, a tailor and a homemaker, added to his anxieties. The pandemic-imposed school closures further exacerbated his struggles, leaving him feeling isolated and disengaged from his studies.

Upon the reopening of schools, he was hesitant to attend. Even when present, he remained withdrawn, his enthusiasm for learning seemingly lost. Recognizing the need for immediate help, the Pratham Hamara Gaon team in his community began a mission to rekindle his passion for learning and restore his confidence.

The team set out to make learning fun with games and activities. They provided Syed with the personalized support he needed to understand things, and it really worked. He transformed from a shy observer into a bright and active participant, and he even started loving to read stories!

Syed’s experience in the classroom transformed as he made new friends, eagerly engaged in discussions, and participated in lessons. His academic performance soared, erasing the stigma he had once felt about his reading and arithmetic skills. “I used to skip school because I felt stupid,” Syed said. “Now I can read and do sums. Now I’m smart so I love to go!”

His dreams now include a future career in medicine or engineering, driven by the desire to make a positive impact on society. Syed’s  journey shows how powerful learning can be and the unwavering support of Pratham Hamara Gaon is. It is a beacon of hope for countless other children who face similar challenges.

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