Subash Pereira: Investing in the Next Generation

Looking for a way to engage more deeply with the organization, Boston Chapter Vice President Subash Pereira agreed to coordinate the 2019 Pratham Youth Leaders program and accompany the participants on their trip to India.

As part of the internship, the youth leaders spent time helping their Indian counterparts improve their English conversation skills. “It was amazing to see these teens from entirely disparate backgrounds and barely speaking a common language coming together and bonding,” recounts Subash.

The experience would have a profound effect on him: “When you see the good your sacrifice does and the efficiency with which Pratham uses your dollar, you no longer think of it as a sacrifice, but an investment.”

The service-learning program near Aurangabad offers intellectually curious American students the opportunity to learn about Pratham’s work while experiencing the history and culture of India. “These teens are the best ambassadors for the work being done in India,” explains Subash. “Their eyewitness accounts will help attract the next generation to Pratham’s mission.”

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