Vandana Sikka

Vandana Sikka is a strong advocate of the universal right to education, especially for the disadvantaged. Her passion to make education more widely and easily accessible is fueled by the principle that education is a great equalizer to help bridge inequality and open up new opportunities.

Vandana is founder and CEO of Learnee, a consumer technology company. She serves on the Board of Directors of and Women in Data science(WiDS). In 2014, she launched Infosys Foundation USA with its new focus on equitable access to computer science and Maker education and served as the Chairperson of the board of trustees where she defined the foundation’s strategy and oversaw grants that impacted millions of students. She has also served on the board of Computer Science Teachers Association and has received numerous accolades for her contribution to computer science education in K-12. Vandana has a master’s degree in computer science and her technology career has spanned product development and management for supply chain and enterprise software companies, including creating one of the first B2B online catalogs at a software startup later acquired by a public company.

Vandana lives in California with her husband Dr Vishal Sikka and their two sons. She enjoys gardening, traveling, and designing and making jewelry.