Viral Acharya

Viral V. Acharya is the CV Starr Professor of Economics in the Department of Finance at New York University Stern School of Business.

Before joining NYU Stern, he was professor of finance and academic director of the Private Equity Institute at the London Business School, a research affiliate of the Center for Economic Policy Research and an academic advisor to the Bank of England.

Viral also served as Deputy Governor at the Reserve Bank of India from 2017 to 2019 in charge of monetary policy, financial markets, financial stability, and research. He has served on several boards, including the International Advisory Board of the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Advisory Council of the Bombay (Mumbai) Stock Exchange. He has also been an academic advisor to the Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago, Cleveland, New York, and Philadelphia, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the European Systemic Risk Board.

His numerous awards and recognition include the Best Paper Award in Corporate Finance from the Journal of Financial Economics in 2000, Best Paper Award in Equity Trading at the Western Finance Association Meetings in 2003, the inaugural Lawrence G. Goldberg Prize for the Best PhD in Financial Intermediation, the Best Paper Award in Asset Pricing from the Journal of Financial Economics in 2005, an inaugural Rising Star in Finance Award in 2008, the inaugural Banque de France – Toulouse School of Economics Junior Prize in Monetary Economics and Finance, 2011, and the 2017 Alexandre Lamfalussy Senior Research Fellowship of the Bank for International Settlements.

Viral holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, and a PhD in Finance from New York University Stern School of Business. Viral is a founding member and former president of the New York Tri-State and Pratham UK chapters. He also served on the board of the  New York Tri-State chapter from 2013-2016. Viral, and Professor Manjiree Jog, his wife, are members of the Pratham LEADers Circle.