May 24, 2024

Thanks to Comic Relief US: Transforming Early Learning in India


Millions of children in rural India lack access to quality early childhood education, hindering their development and future opportunities. Since January 2022, Pratham, in partnership with Comic Relief US, has been on a mission to reshape early childhood education and development in rural Bihar, India. Through the Improving Early Childhood Education and Development for Birth-8 year old children, through engagement of Anganwadi workers, teachers, mothers and other community stakeholder in rural areas of Bihar, India  – Pratham has impacted the lives of approximately 18,000 mothers across four districts of the state.

The  program is designed to introduce quality interventions that positively influence early years education practices for children aged Birth-8. By adopting a holistic approach through community-based engagement models, Pratham aims to foster lasting change at the grassroots level.

Mothers’ Groups meeting in progress

Stories of Transformation

The impact of this program is evident in the lives of countless families. Meet Nazni and her 1.5-year-old daughter, Barisa, from Mahtab Tola village in Bihar. Nazni is part of a Mothers’ Group that was created as part of the Early Years program being implemented by Pratham with support from Comic Relief US. Her journey is nothing short of inspiring!

Nazni has been an active member of the group for more than 9 months, soaking in knowledge from idea videos and implementing them diligently in Barisa’s upbringing. From health to playtime, Nazni ensures every aspect of Barisa’s development is nurtured. Her commitment to Barisa’s well-being is unwavering. She crafts toys inspired by the videos, fostering creativity and learning through play. Her devotion sets a remarkable example for all mothers in the community.

This heartwarming tale of maternal dedication and the transformative power of education is made possible through our partnership with Comic Relief US. Together, we’re empowering families like Nazni’s to create brighter futures for their children.

Meet Deepak, a 3-year-old from Kauwa Uda village, Kochadhaman, Kishanganj, along with his father, Devanand. Their visit to Anganwadi for enrollment became an inspiring journey of discovery and bonding.

As they entered, Devanand noticed the mothers accompanying their children, but with Mamuni (Deepak’s mother) unable to join, he decided to stay and observe. To his surprise, Farha, a member of the mothers’ group who encouraged his participation, warmly welcomed him. Engaging in activities like picture and object identification, Devanand immersed himself in the learning process alongside Deepak. His active involvement showcased the power of parental engagement in child development, much to the admiration of other mothers.

Initially unsure, Devanand was astonished by Deepak’s progress in various skills, from classification to emotion identification. He expressed gratitude to Farha, recognizing Anganwadi’s invaluable support in laying the foundation for Deepak’s education.


Devanand’s commitment to continue these activities at home underscores the significance of parental involvement in nurturing a child’s learning journey. Their bond as father and son strengthened through this shared experience, setting a beautiful example for families in their community.

This heartwarming tale of dedication and empowerment is a testament to the transformative impact of Anganwadi, supported by our ongoing partnership with Comic Relief US.

These are just a few examples of the life-changing impact our program is having in Bihar. With your support, we can continue to empower families and build a brighter future for countless children in India. To fuel these critical initiatives, you can now donate to Pratham USA and make a difference in the lives of children in India.