Feb 13, 2024

Pratham Mohalla Libraries: Changing communities through books and activities


Pratham Mohalla Libraries (community libraries), are a vital resource established by Pratham to provide children with access to books and learning opportunities within a community. They are strategically placed in and around public spaces, such as streets, parks, community halls, homes, and rooftops.

Each Mohalla Library holds a carefully curated set of 50-60 books, spanning diverse genres and catering to a wide range of interests and age groups, typically grades 1-8. In addition to offering a rich collection of reading material, these libraries feature academic and non-academic activities designed to enhance children’s learning retention and stimulate their curiosity.

Through regular storytelling sessions facilitated by local volunteers, including mothers, family members, and young people, Mohalla Libraries foster a lifelong love of reading and learning in young readers. These volunteers play a crucial role in nurturing a supportive environment where children can develop vital language, creativity, and cognitive skills.

By supporting Pratham’s Mohalla Libraries initiative, you can contribute to the establishment and growth of these community resources, directly impacting the learning potential of children – like Khushi, a sixth grade student from the Kalyanpuri area Delhi – and communities in India!

Join us in transforming lives through literacy by contributing to Pratham’s Mohalla Libraries initiative. Your gift helps establish new libraries, train local volunteers, and ensures that every child has the chance to explore the joy of reading. Make a difference today!