Feb 20, 2024

Stories and learning activities are helping Khushi's dreams take flight


Khushi, a sixth grade student from the Kalyanpuri area Delhi, discovered the wonderful world of stories and storytelling after joining her local Pratham Mohalla Library (community library).

Mohalla Libraries are a vital resource that provide children with access to books and learning opportunities within a community. They are strategically placed in and around public spaces, such as streets, parks, community halls, homes, and rooftops. Each library holds a set of 50-60 books, spanning diverse genres and catering to a wide range of interests. In addition to offering a rich collection of reading material, these libraries feature academic and non-academic activities designed to enhance children’s learning retention and stimulate their curiosity.

Khushi’s local library is run by a volunteer, Pooja. Since gaining access to the library’s collection of books and fun learning activities like storytelling and role-playing, Pooja has seen Khushi’s reading and retention skills improve along with her confidence.

Access to abundant resources and a nurturing learning environment have increased Khushi’s thirst for knowledge. She feels more confident in chasing her dream to become a police officer and wants to shape a better future for herself and those around her.

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