Aug 03, 2023

Sarika is a changemaker making a difference at Pratham CAMaL Ka Camps


Pratham volunteers played a crucial role in helping children and young people achieve transformative growth at scale at our CAMaL Ka Camps this summer. One of these volunteers was Sarika, a BA graduate and mother of two.

Pratham’s CAMaL Ka Camps used our innovative Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) methodology to quickly and effectively help children learn language and math skills. TaRL recognizes that children can fall behind and struggle to keep up with their grade-level curriculum. Instructors conduct one-on-one assessments, which determine each student’s current learning level, and tailor their learning assignments and instructions accordingly. This personalized approach to learning has proven to be an effective way to accelerate learning and help children catch up to their peers.

Initially, Sarika wasn’t sure about CAMaL Ka Camp’s approach and had doubts about whether children from different grades, such as 4, 5, and 6, could be effectively taught together. However, her doubts quickly vanished when she discovered that many children in these grades struggled with basic reading and math skills. Motivated by this realization, Sarika willingly volunteered for CAMaL Ka Camp and underwent training conducted by Pratham members, equipping her with various engaging games and activities to facilitate learning.

After four weeks, Sarika was amazed by the progress the children had made. They could read and write simple sentences, and they were even starting to do basic math problems. Some parents were so impressed by their children’s improvement and newfound willingness to learn that they reached out to Sarika to ask how she could make such a difference!

“I have never seen children learn such critical things so fast anywhere else. Such camps should be conducted regularly everywhere,” she said.

As a token of appreciation, CAMaL Ka Camp volunteers were invited to participate in our Education for Education (EfE) initiative, providing them with access to courses and essential skill-building opportunities.

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