Jul 12, 2023

CAMaL Ka Camp: Turning learning into an amazing adventure

Photo of children at Pratham CAMaL Ka Camp in 2023.

Language and math skills are the magic keys that transform a child’s world to one of learning and possibility! But right now nearly 43% of India’s fifth graders can only read to a second grade level. In the wake of pandemic-related school closures and disruptions, the urgency to close learning gaps has never been greater.

With time running out to bridge these gaps, we decided to turn learning into an amazing adventure!

With the help of dedicated community volunteers, Pratham ran its proven CAMaL Ka Camps in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, as well as other parts of the country, this summer. The name of the camps is an acronym for Combined Activities for Maximized Learning and also means ‘amazing’ in Hindi.

Held over the course of six weeks, the camps use Pratham’s Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) learning methodology to lead children through hands-on activities, such as games, storytelling, and fun projects. The camp is designed to foster a love for learning while helping them catch up on essential language and math skills during their summer break. Follow along over the next few weeks as we bring you stories from our campers and share the incredible progress they made!

Meet Bhavesh

Bhavesh is a sixth grade student living in the village of Nikoda in Gujarat. When he started the camp, he could only read individual letters. Through interactive learning activities and lessons led by Dikshit, a community volunteer, Bhavesh began to get a better grasp on reading. Learn more.

Meet Rupali & Puja

Rupali and Puja are fourth graders from Raulasahi, a small village in Odisha. Home to around 300 families, many rely on fishing and agriculture to earn a living within the community. This summer, the girls found an opportunity at Pratham’s CAMaL Ka Camp. At first, Rupali and Puja feared studying, but under the guidance of dedicated Pratham volunteers, they flourished! Read more.

Meet Srikanth

Srikanth, a fourth-grade student, eagerly took part in Pratham’s CAMaL Ka Camps to help him prepare for the upcoming school year. “As parents, we hope that our children will have a successful career and don’t face the same obstacles that we faced,” said his father. Find out how Srikanth went from saying “I can’t” to “I can” with the help of Pratham. Read more.

Meet Sarika

Sarika is a mother of two and a BA graduate. This summer, she became a Pratham volunteer and helped teach children at her local CAMal Ka Camp. At first, Sarika wasn’t sure about CAMaL Ka Camp’s approach and had doubts about whether children from different grades, such as 4, 5, and 6, could be effectively taught together. However, her doubts quickly vanished! Read more.

Learning sparks curiosity, a love for knowledge and a drive to do more. Will you join us and help India’s children get back on track? For just $10 you can support one child embark on a transformative learning journey with Pratham! Donate now.