Feb 20, 2024

This Pratham volunteer is changing the tide, one story at a time


Pooja, who lives with her husband and two children in the the Kalyanpuri area of  Delhi, has always been an advocate for learning and education. As a tutor, she recognizes the pivotal role education plays in societal advancement and is actively engaged in making learning accessible to children within her community.

Recently, she seized an opportunity to further engage children in learning opportunities when she was approached by Meena Kashyap, a Community Instructor Mobiliser with Pratham, who invited her to join the Mohalla Library (community library) initiative as a volunteer.

Pratham’s Mohalla Libraries aim to provide children with access to a diverse range of books and engaging activities, all led by local volunteers like Pooja. Witnessing the profound impact these libraries could have on children’s learning potential, Pooja eagerly embraced the initiative. Through her dedication, she has observed a significant transformation in her students’ attitude towards learning, as they eagerly devour stories and eagerly share their newfound love of reading with their siblings at home.

Today, Pooja continues to actively encourage community involvement, drawing numerous children to the library, eager to experience the joy of learning. Her efforts not only benefit her students but also enrich her tutoring classes, as parents increasingly recognize the value of literacy in their children’s lives.

Pooja firmly believes that encouraging students to learn will help them become future educators, and create a ripple effect, from one generation to the next.

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