Sep 18, 2023

Exploring India's Culture and Education: A recap of the Pratham Youth Summer Program

by Priyanka Sarthi

Written by Priyanka Sarthi

We are excited to share the incredible journey of the Pratham Youth Summer Program 2023 – a 12-day immersive experience that brought a group of young people together to explore the essence of education, culture, and community service in India. Hosted at the esteemed Pratham Arora Centre for Education near Aurangabad, this unique program combined learning, leadership, and cross-cultural exchange, leaving participants with a deeper understanding of Pratham’s renowned educational initiatives and a newfound appreciation for Indian culture.

An Exceptional Opportunity for Immersive Learning
The Pratham Youth Summer Program, initiated by Pratham USA in 2018, was designed to offer the children of Pratham Supporters a chance to witness the impact of their support firsthand. The program resumed in 2023, offering teaching and skills development, along with fresh perspectives on contemporary Indian social issues. Participants engaged in diverse activities encompassing vocational training, community involvement, and classroom interactions with Pratham beneficiaries of all ages. Moreover, the program featured field trips to nearby historical sites and local communities.

Enriching Experiences: Highlights from the Program
Over the course of the 12 days, participants delved into a variety of enriching experiences, each contributing to their personal and professional growth.

Participants embarked on a journey to tutor vocational training students in basic English and digital literacy. The program’s culmination showcased the progress these students made through engaging role-play performances in English.

Students got the chance to embrace village life, visiting hybrid learning villages which allowed participants to learn and engage in various creative activities with local children including music, dance, and art activities.

A visit to the Science Center was a highlight where participants collaborated with local students to create educational models. This allowed the participants to see the organic farming practices that directly benefited the community.

Participants observed classes and teaching methods at a government school. This experience provided insights into how different education systems work. It also showcased the impact of Pratham’s government partnerships, how this is empowering teachers and benefiting the children in government schools.

The program also allowed the youth to dive into local culture and history through visits to the Daulatabad Fort and Ellora Caves. Participants also observed local handloom artisans and gained insights into traditional craftsmanship.

Through a lecture and conversations with Rukmini Banerji, CEO of Pratham, the participants gained insights into the state of education in India and Pratham’s transformational work. The lecture shed light on the pressing issue of illiteracy and educational disparities among the youth population, with over half of the country’s young people struggling to read at their educational level.

Rukmini’s passion for transforming this narrative through Pratham’s initiatives was evident as she shared her vision for a more equitable educational landscape. Engaging with Rukmini Banerjee also highlighted the significance of Pratham’s mission to empower underprivileged individuals through vocational training and literacy programs. Her deep commitment to improving the lives of young learners left an indelible mark, inspiring participants to contribute to the cause of education and social change in meaningful ways.


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