Motin's Story: Halfway Around the World and Back

Motin Bai has not had an easy life, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her now. Last fall, the 30-year-old was selected to join Renu Seth, Program Head for Pratham’s Second Chance program, on a speaking tour across the United States. Motin agreed to travel half-way around the world to share her story so that women like her begin to believe that they, too, can attain a life of dignity and possibilities.

“In eighth grade, my parents told me I had to assume responsibilities at home. They made me drop my studies, and I was married off at the age of 17,” she says somberly. “I was not treated well by my in-laws and my husband. After enduring several years, I ended the marriage and came back to live with my parents.”

Her educational journey seemed to be finished until, at age 27, Motin learned about Pratham’s Second Chance program, which made it possible for her to return to school after a 12-year gap and earn her diploma. Now gainfully employed at a Pratham vocational center, Motin is studying to be a teacher and has become a role model for girls like her who face an uncertain future.

Watch the video to hear her talk about the challenges she faced as a young woman in rural India and the impact Pratham has had on her life. You can also read more about Motin including her experiences traveling in the US with Renu in this article.

Pratham operates 33 open school centers across India that give females a second chance to complete their education. Your support makes a difference


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