Learning Changes Lives – Our Stories

At Pratham we know that learning changes lives. But, today, millions of people are still held back from the learning opportunities that will prepare them for life, and for work.

That’s why we deliver learning opportunities that meet the individual needs of children and young people, from the early years right through to adulthood. Both inside and outside formal educational settings. At home, in the community, and online.

We give mothers like Pritidhara the tools they need to give their children the best possible start. We make sure that kids like Syed not just in school, but are learning to read and to count. We equip teenagers like Madhusudan to pursue their passions and inspire others to follow suit. We offer youth like Antony the chance to upskill for better job prospects. We fight for the right to education for all young people, including those like Wahid who are forced into labor when they are still just children. And when women like Sangeeta drop out of the system, we help them find their way back.

We are honored that they have chosen to share their stories with us. Their stories are our stories.

Read Pritidhara’s, Syed’s, Madhusudan’s, Antony’s, Wahid’s, and Sangeeta’s stories here. Or watch them tell their stories on our YouTube channel!

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