Learning Changes Lives

More than 50% of India's fifth graders cannot read a second-grade text. You can change that by donating now.

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Change lives with Pratham by joining us at one of our exciting upcoming events.

Vocational Training

India accounts for 28% of the world's working age population. However, only 2% of its current workers have received any formal training.

A Second Chance

Almost 80% of India's girls drop out of school before reaching grade 8. We provide girls and women with a safe, supportive learning environment so they can complete their secondary school education.

Our Mission

Of the 250 million children worldwide who cannot read or write, two-fifths reside in India, where for a quarter-century Pratham has been working to alleviate this crisis.

We develop low-cost solutions to improve the quality of learning and work with governments to take them to scale.

Our community-driven approach has engaged hundreds of thousands of volunteers and has affected the lives of 75 million Indian children.

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“Coming from a business family, I never had any exposure to the nonprofit sector,“ admits Rohit Shinde. An independent spirit, Rohit decided early on to take a different path than his parents had planned for him.

After earning a degree in hotel management and a PGDBA in human resources, Rohit went on to become a distinguished chef for some of Mumbai’s most renowned five-star hotels.

It was his wife, a social worker, who would lead him down a different path altogether.