Read books. Change lives!

Pratham USA's Readathon isn't just a fun summer activity—it's a chance for kids to make a real difference while discovering a love for reading.

Learning Changes Lives

Did you know over 42% of India's fifth graders can't read a second-grade text? You can change that by donating now.

Create an Enduring Legacy

Leave a lasting impact and create an enduring legacy of learning and opportunity that resonates for generations to come.

In Profile

"I want all mothers to become leaders."

"A child’s first school is her home and her first teacher is her mother," says Anju, a mother of three from Delhi. "To teach children, the mother has to learn first."

Anju was first introduced to Pratham when her two youngest children joined Anganwadi programs. She watched her children’s development progress, thanks in part to her continued engagement in their learning at home. Since then, Anju has continued to be involved with Pratham, becoming a leader in her local Pratham Mothers’ group.

"I would like to continue my association [with Pratham] for as long as possible," she says. "I have progressed and chosen my ambition. I want my children to choose their ambition. I want all mothers to become leaders."

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