Learning Changes Lives

Did you know over 50% of India's fifth graders can't read a second-grade text? You can change that by donating now.

Create an Enduring Legacy

Leave a lasting impact and create an enduring legacy of learning and opportunity that resonates for generations to come.

Pratham CAMaL Ka Camps

We're bridging pandemic-related learning gaps in India. Take action with us today.

Get Involved

Join one of our upcoming events and be a part of the ripple effect that changes lives and transforms communities.

Vocational Training

India accounts for 28% of the world's working age population. However, only 2% of its current workers have received any formal training.

A Second Chance

Almost 80% of India's girls drop out of school before reaching grade 8. We provide girls and women with a safe, supportive learning environment so they can complete their secondary school education.

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Create an enduring legacy of learning and opportunity

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Our Mission

Of the 250 million children worldwide who cannot read or write, two-fifths reside in India, where for a quarter-century Pratham has been working to alleviate this crisis.

We develop low-cost solutions to improve the quality of learning and work with governments to take them to scale.

Our community-driven approach has engaged hundreds of thousands of volunteers and has affected the lives of 75 million Indian children.

Our Work

Learning and Literacy

Girls' Education

Vocational Training

Research and Advocacy

In Profile


“Coming from a business family, I never had any exposure to the nonprofit sector,“ admits Rohit Shinde. An independent spirit, Rohit decided early on to take a different path than his parents had planned for him.

After earning a degree in hotel management and a PGDBA in human resources, Rohit went on to become a distinguished chef for some of Mumbai’s most renowned five-star hotels.

It was his wife, a social worker, who would lead him down a different path altogether.